Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Big Harvest 2010

Although I have gotten a few things from my garden here and there this year (spinach, lettuce, peas, leeks); I am so excited about my first big harvest of 2010. The following are all things I pulled from my garden this last week.
I planted this garlic last fall. This is the biggest that my garlic has ever gotten! I have a ton of it too. This picture only shows a fraction of what I actually have harvested. I already gave some to my neighbor who forgot to plant some herself last fall. She will be planting some of what I gave her.
I finally grew turnips! I have tried 5 years to grow them, and I know that they are easy to grow. So what was my problem? Eh.

And to those who are saying, "why the hell would you want to grow them anyway" -- try roasting them. Yum!
Shallots were pretty easy to grow. I don't know why they charge so much for them in the store.

I am going to keep the largest ones and replant all the smaller ones. Soon I should have a nice big patch of them. They are supposed to be very hardy, so I will plant them this fall.

I have never had very much luck growing carrots... until this year!

I finally got rid of my knotty carrot problem by using raised beds. The soil in the beds is perfect now. You may have noticed that some of the root tips are bent a little, that is the side effect of transplanting the seedling. Not a big deal at all, huh?


Anonymous Michael Moore | The Fridley Farmer said...

I wouldn't have guessed that garlic grew around here! (well, here being Minnesota, but it's close). I think I'm going to have to plant some this fall...I love fresh garlic.

7/11/2010 11:29 PM  
Blogger Annelie said...

There is nothing as exciting as the first harvest, seeing the fruits of your labor. And sometimes it doesn't seem like labor at all. You just put a few seeds down and the rest just happens.
Totally agree on turnips, totally delish roasted.
Shallots are now on my list to plant for next year, thanks for the tip.
Bent root tips? I would never have noticed- they are beautiful!!!

7/12/2010 6:32 AM  
Blogger Sylvana said...

Michael Moore, you should definitely try growing garlic. You can just get store bought garlic bulbs, break them into cloves, and plant them an inch or so deep sometime in the fall. The ones pictured were planted at the beginning of last November.

Annelie, I love the taste of shallots and they have been easier for me to grow than onions. So I might just give up on onions and just grow shallots.

With the raised beds especially, there's not much labor involved at all. Pull a few weeds, plants a few seeds, fence and trellis where necessary, and *poof* VEGETABLES!

7/12/2010 8:09 AM  
Anonymous Stacie Shepp said...

Annelie, thank you for your tips on carrots. This is a vegetable I have not had the best of luck with and appreciate all the help I can get. I'm also inspired to start growing shallots - I love to use them in my salad dressings.

7/13/2010 2:23 PM  
Blogger Sylvana said...

Stacie, carrots need deep soft, well drained but moist soil. I use finished compost -- nice and airy but retains moisture. I will be planting a second batch this weekend for fall harvest.

7/15/2010 7:27 PM  

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