Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Last Week In June

I was very busy last weekend so I didn't get a chance to post the pictures that I took of my garden, so I'm doing it today.
Lychnis coronaria. I got it at a local department store nursery several years ago. It is doing a wonderful job of multiplying and looks great with the variegated dogwood.

Pennycress. It is considered a weed by most, but I find it to be a very lovely garden plant. It has 3 stages. In the spring it is covered in tiny white flowers, much like baby's breath. The flowers turn into green coin-like seed pods. And finally there is this stage, the green seed pods mature into golden coins. This plant is an annual, but is easily propagates.

Delphinium. Of course, the delphinium. They are always fantastic.

A wide shot of the main garden. It still needs work, which is good, because I'm not ready to let it go on auto-pilot yet.

But, I must admit that it is lookin' pretty good!


Blogger Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Sylvana,
What a great pictorial of your garden! You have done a fantastic job on it, and have such a great array of plants (do I see rhubarb in the back of that last shot?). I'm not familiar with Lychnis, but it looks like something we'd like (if we had the room!)

Wow, you have the lilies in abundance and those Shasta Daisies! Wonderful. For some reason Shasta Daisies don't like us, while for others we know, they're practically weeds!

That delphinium looks like "Sky Blue?" Unfortunately I've given up on delphiniums because our summers are just too hot for them and they don't do well or come back. I do have success with Blue Butterfly and Blue elf though.

Glad you like that pennycress ... we have it popping up but I get rid of it, just too many persistent weeds here.

Do you have any perennial hibiscus? (Are you zone 4?) Some red bee balm (monarda) would look great in with some of your other taller plants ... ours is in full show mode now and I'll have some up at my place soon!

Yep, things are looking great up your way!

7/03/2008 12:46 AM  
Blogger Donna Vera said...

Wow, Sylvana. Your garden looks beautiful! I just started getting into gardening last year and don't have your knack for it just yet, but am continuing to learn. I live in Southeast Wisconsin, so we probably have similar plants that work well. Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures!

7/03/2008 1:05 PM  
Blogger Sylvana said...

Iowa VG, the main garden is my experimental garden. I find plants that interest me, find a place for them and see how they behave and look with other plants.

The rhubarb is actually ligularia. Desdemonato be precise. Odd thing is, they are shade plants, but I have these growing in full sun -- and they love it!!

The daisies are your run-of-the-mill oxeye daisies. I never planted them, they offered up their services to me for free! I love them. They are very cheery and go with everything!!

I have a few varieties of delphiniumand can't really remember which is which, but I do think that I have a Sky Blue in there somewhere. Delphinium really do not care for hot and dry at all!

I do have perennial hibiscus and bee balm (a couple of different varieties). Neither are blooming yet. They bloom more toward the middle and end of July. If I'm around at that time, I will post pictures.

Donna, welcome to my blog! As far as gardening goes, don't over think it, just do it. I have so many plants that are not doing what I have been told by experts I could expect out of them (my ligularia for a prime example) that I will try to stretch limits and try fancies just to see what will happen. The great thing about most plants is that they can be moved around as needed!

7/04/2008 10:20 AM  
Blogger Tam said...

It looks beautiful.

I keep scrolling down to you last post though. I must have peony envy. ;)

7/04/2008 5:35 PM  
Blogger Sylvana said...

Tam, thanks.

And, BTW everyone -- I totally butchered the name of the ligularia. People were talking to me while I was typing that, and I never spell checked it. It's "Desdemona". WOW!

7/04/2008 9:23 PM  
Blogger Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Sylvana!
Wow, that's 'Desdemona?' We keep that in shade in our Woodland Garden, and I'm amazed that it does well in full sun!!! Full sun in our garden means dry, so doesn't go well with Ligularia. I'm impressed! Isn't that a fantastic plant to have? We just love it, and planted yet another last weekend, with the new peonies...

Happy belated 4th to you and yours!

7/05/2008 2:19 AM  
Blogger Sylvana said...

Iowa VG, go here for the more on my Desdemona.

7/06/2008 11:27 AM  
Blogger primrozie said...

Hi Sylvana! Well, as usual your garden is looking great. It has noticeably filled in ya know.

Hibiscus was mentioned by another blogger, I've tried and tried to grow that and it never comes up the next season. Of course our garden centers don't have much of a selection either ~ I should probably start looking online. Rose of Sharon is easy around here ~ I'll be getting that started next.

8/14/2008 4:57 AM  
Blogger Sylvana said...

Primrozie, we're not supposed to need to, but I do protect my hibiscus for the winter using a pile of leaves - and the first season I watered generously. I have had hibiscus failures in the past, but my current one is three years old now under some pretty harsh conditions. I also have mine growing in a compost bed (you probably have read how I make my beds by piling finished -- or nearly finished-- compost from the local compost center and planting in it once it has "settled" a bit). Not sure if that made a difference. Also, and I'm pretty sure that you already know this, make sure that you get hardy hibiscus. I have seen many gardeners making the mistake of confusing tropical hibiscus with the hardy.

8/22/2008 6:56 AM  

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