Sunday, March 29, 2009

On the Way to Macduff

I took a lot of pictures while traveling by bus or train during my trip overseas. The following are pictures I took from the bus while on my way from Stirling, through Aberdeen, up to Macduff.
I'm not sure what they were growing in these tents, but there were fields of them. I thought maybe strawberries? I've actually had a similar idea for my own garden that I have yet to put into play: plastic rods and plastic to create a greenhouse like tunnel over my veggie beds.

Gardening is part of the culture in Scotland. They know how to use every square inch of their small yards. I would love to have a front yard or patio like this. I've got some work to do this year!

Even the public areas in cities are full of flowers. Our city has been creating more gardens around town, but they have a long way to go.
We will be having America in Bloom judges here this year, so I think we are making progress.


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Hey Sylvana ~ I hope you're not too busy, but I got tagged! So I'm tagging you ;) It's fun and you have a lot of pictures which is perfect for the tag. Stop by and check it out:

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