Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stirling Gardens

Stirling Castle held its flower garden inside the castle walls. The close up of the current garden wasn't so impressive, but the added color of the flowers against the backdrop of the castle's stoney exterior was wonderful from afar.

The castle had many windows such as this one in its walls. I found it a nice frame for the soft, flower-covered cliffside they looked out over.

There are more elements than vegetation that can make up an interesting garden landscape. I love to have rustic hardscapes in my garden. I like the looks of these two outbuildings on the castle grounds. And you can even see that nature has started her own garden using this lovely backdrop.

Although this city street landscape is simple, imagine how wonderful your own city would look and feel if they would adopt such commitment to aesthetics?

I like to think that I inspire such upgrades in aesthetics to my own area. In fact, within two years of starting my own garden, at least five other people in a four block radius began their own ambitious gardens -- huge perennial gardens, some taking up their entire front yards!

Gardening is contagious!


Blogger primrozie said...

Wow, what a cool place. Great pictures. When are you able to plant? My last frost date is May 30.

3/22/2009 6:25 PM  
Blogger Sylvana said...

Primrozie, our last frost is technically May 26, but most people wait until Memorial Day.

3/22/2009 9:51 PM  

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