Monday, July 18, 2005

I Found IT!!!

Whew! I knew if I just kept trying different word combinations I would find the information on that hibscus. It is hibiscus trionum L., also known as Venice mallow or flower-of-an-hour (because the blooms last for such a short time- in fact I have seen them last only an hour some days, so this is a very fitting name). Here is a link to the identifying webpage I found. It was introduced from southern Europe and is now part of our country's wildlflower collection (or weed collection as you will soon read).

OldRoses was right (and I was so wrong!) in that some people consider this plant to be invasive and in fact is is listed by Washington and Colorado as a noxious weed (although they do not go on to say why they are considered noxious). The reason they are considered invasive is because they self-sow so readily and their seeds can lay dormant for up to 50 years! I have been growing them in my garden for eight years and they have never been a problem. If I want to get rid of them it is as simple as grabbing them and giving them a yank. They aren't like dandelions or violets where if you don't get the whole root, the plant comes back.

I can only guess that perhaps how invasive they are depends on where you grow them. There are lots of garden plants that I find far more invasive (spiderwort, you know I'm talking to you!). This plant was not listed on Wisconsin's list of noxious or invasive weeds so I will happily keep enjoying these beautiful little flowers!


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