Saturday, November 04, 2006

Designing Blind

Every fall I am faced with trying to figure out where to plant my new bulbs.

I hate it.

I feel like I'm designing blind. I can't see where the other bulbs are. I can't see what the colors, sizes and textures look like together. I always seem to miss the obvious bare patches even though I do keep maps of my plantings.

I hate it!

This morning as I was waking up, I came up with a brilliant plan. (Right before waking up and right before falling asleep are the most productive times for thinking for me.)

Brilliant Bulb Plan:
Instead of planting the bulbs directly in the ground in the fall, why not plant them in biodegradeable pots. In the spring when everything is coming up, you can just take the blooming pot and plant it, pot and all, where ever you need it!


Bulbs are at a deep discount right now, and I could probably still get my hands on some potting soil. I might just try this out this year.