Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Stop Me! I Have a Problem!"

I yelled to my husband as I stood there in Menards with my arms and cart loaded with various boxes and bags of bulbs, yet still trying to grab more from the shelves. "Help me! I'm addicted to bulbs!"

He managed to help me put almost ten packs back on the shelves, but I still went home with 300 bulbs! And I still had about 100 that I bought from a garden center the previous weekend, and I have more coming in the mail!!

As I laid the haul onto the living room floor, I began to wonder how I would ever get that many bulbs planted before winter. Saturday was optimal for planting, so I ditched my plans for tearing out our bathroom flooring (to finally put in tile that we had drove over 200 miles south to purchase about 5 years ago), and I began weeding and planting.

By the end of the day, I had an aching back, my garden about 3/4 weeded, and all but about 70 of the bulbs planted. I am planning on finishing planting once it stops raining.

We are going to have a very beautiful spring!

Monday, October 01, 2007

It's Alive!

My computer is alive and kicking! A friend of ours came over Friday and helped get the ball rolling with his Linux Live CD (KNOPPIX). Prior to this CD I was unable to get it to recognize the CD drive or the external hard drive that I was using for back-ups. And the horror I faced when I realized that the last back up I could find was from 2005!!!

But all is well. My husband painstakingly downloaded all my files and applications onto a back-up drive. Then he began the repair process. My computer is now in pre-meltdown condition. And I am so grateful to the both of them!

Everyone should make friends with a computer geek. Actually, two wouldn't hurt!

This week I will get to posting some of those pictures that I have been waiting to get to, so bear with me!