Monday, March 03, 2008


Winter is usually the time I store up energy for the warmer seasons. In essence, I hibernate. I would literally sleep 12+ hours a day if I didn't have other obligations. I haven't had the luxury this winter as I have been working about 70 hours a week between two jobs, and running my rental property business!

But it will all be worth it. Just last week I bought tickets for my family and I to go on a trip at the end of the summer-- for 3+ weeks! I was shocked that my boss said that I could take that much time off. Over the two years that I have worked there I have only ever taken 1 full day off at a time; any extended time off resulted in me going in to work everyday for a couple hours to get daily things done -- because no one else knows how to do them. So I am training in someone to do those dailies so no one has to panic while I'm gone and I will be bringing a cell phone for emergency purposes. If the place will fall apart without me for that short of time, they really need to start paying me more!

So... where am I going? I am taking my family to Scotland! We will be flying into Iceland and staying for 1-4 days (still waiting to hear back from the airline about the specifics on the layover that they are setting up for me). Then we will fly into Scotland and travel for about three weeks (possibly getting in a day or two in Ireland if I can bully my husband into it -- he's afraid a short trip will ruin Ireland for him. He wants to go when we have more time). Then we will take the train to England to visit Stonehenge; I'm trying to get in on an inner circle tour -- how cool? Then we fly back home.

If I weren't so tired I'd be way more excited about the whole thing. I will try to post some pictures of some of the gardens that I visited while I was over there four years ago, as sort of a prelude to the trip -- plus my garden really isn't photogenic right now.