Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Damn Spam!!

You may notice a tightening down of security on my site. It is not the way that I would like it, but ever since I had a certain blogger visit here complaining about my aversion to security and how I would soon regret it -- in fact the day AFTER that blogger placed several comments on this blog arguing their point -- I started getting spammed like you wouldn't believe!! Now I'm not saying that this person invited them over, and I'm not ruling that out either, but it has unfortunately forced me to start using moderation. I am still refusing absolutely any kind of WV because it and I do not get along. I try to monitor this blog daily, but as I am currently over-employed, you may have to wait a few days for your comments to appear.

Since I am now forced to use this monstrosity, please help me by following one simple rule -
Make sure that your comment is clearly pertinent to the post.
I am deleting any comments that I can't tell decisively are not spam. If you are a regular commenter, I will recognize you so you can be as vague as you would like. New commenters unfortunately will have to convince me that they are not spam. If you comment and don't see it up where it should be, please email me, making sure to use [Obsessive Gardener] in the subject line to keep it from being presorted by my filter.

And no more badgering comments about spam, they can hear you!