Friday, October 24, 2008

Tulips 2008

Last weekend I spent weeding the crap out of my garden so that I could get my newest tulip haul into the ground.Altogether this year I had a modest 285 bulbs to plant in my garden. I got some from Brecks, but the majority I got from Menards. They had a great selection, as always. I managed to score a few new varieties:
Upstar -- a pink peony tulip
Margarita -- a purple peony tulip
Bastogne's Parrot -- a multi-toned red parrot tulip
Orange Toronto -- an orange gregii, multi-stemmed tulip
Allegretto -- a two-toned peony tulip (yellow and red)
and my favorite one from Menards--
Elegant Lady -- a two-toned lily tulip.

I can't wait to see Elegant Lady bloom. If it looks just like the picture, I will totally be kicking myself for not getting more!

The tulips I got from Brecks:
Rai -- a purple and green parrot tulip
Gemstone -- a rare, blue centered species
and one that I have tried to order for the last three years --
World Expression -- a two-toned, red and white tulip.

As you can see, I also got a few other bulbs, but it is always the tulips that I really look forward to. The other bulbs are just fillers.