Monday, December 19, 2011

No New Tulips?!

I just realized that it is now nearly the end of the year and I did not plant any new tulips! This is a first in 14 years. The fall bulb buying season just sneaked past me.

That's OK though. I still have at least a hundred bulbs in pots that I didn't get around to actually getting into the ground this spring. That will still give me lots to do in the flower garden next spring.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Strange Coincidence

For this weekend, I had on my "to do" list obtaining a piece of 4" piping to extend my downspouts since I had taken down the full length of downspout and installed shorter pieces to accommodate the rain barrels I had purchased a few years back. I usually take the short pieces off and reinstall the normal lengths, but I thought it might be easier to just get extenders.

My husband and I had made plans to go shopping on Saturday for the material.

On Friday, as I sat parked waiting for my son to come out of his dorm so I could take him home for the weekend, I noticed that the construction dumpster next to me had a piece of piping laying on top - the very diameter that I was looking for. I jumped out of the car and checked the length. It looked like it was the perfect length!

I climbed up on the dumpster in my dress clothes as my son was approaching the car. "Mom?"

"I can't believe my luck!" I shouted happily back at him. "They're just throwing this away. I'm taking it!"

He just shook his head laughing.

Turns out it was exactly the diameter and length that I needed. No waste and it freed up more time I could spend with my son this weekend. Win-win-win!