Sunday, June 19, 2011

In the Vegetable Garden

This weekend in the vegetable garden:
  • I got all 30 of my tomato plants in the ground.
  • I got all 16 of my pepper plants in the ground.
  • I got 4 broccoli plants planted.
  • I planted last years unused shallots - about 30 all together.
  • I got most of my squash/melon seeds planted.
  • I got some bean seeds started.
  • I started 3 trays of basil.
  • I got half my carrots planted.
  • I was harvesting spinach, cilantro and arugula.
  • I was giving out stray garlic plants that missed last fall's harvest.
  • I weeded the blackberry and raspberry beds.
  • I set up a chicken wire and marigold barrier around my peppers - eat that rabbits!!

This week in the vegetable garden:
  • I will finish planting the carrots.
  • I will pot up the eggplant.
  • I will plant sunflowers.
  • I will plant dill.
  • I will pot up the fennel.
  • I will start the rest of the beans.
  • I will harvest some leeks.
  • I will finish caging the tomatoes.
  • I will discover there were 1/2 dozen other seed packets I had completely forgotten about...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I Just Can't Win This Year

Things are finally starting to die down around here on the home front: some of the hubbub in the state has quieted, my son is out of school, our exchange student is going home, the graduation party is over, our dog is recovering from surgery nicely...

And now it is TOO HOT TO GARDEN!! Bleh!