Friday, July 28, 2017

New Plants This Year

"Elena" asiatic lily
"Fire Island" hosta
"Lakeside Little Tuft" hosta
"Stained Glass" hosta
"Little Rocket" ligularia
"Revolution" hosta
"Vialii" primula
"Sunflor Beetle" dianthus
"Mesa Yellow" gaillairdia
"Jade Tuffett" sedum
"Cherry Berry" miniature hosta
"Blue Mouse Ears" hosta
"Moonshine" pulmonaria
"Mauna Loa" daylily
"Apricot Drift" rose
"Brandy" rose
"Heartstrings" asiatic lily

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What is this?

I have this glorious helper volunteer growing out of the edge of my foundation planter. I have seen it in my garden for years. Sometimes I let it grow, and sometimes I pull it up; but I have never been able to identify it. This is probably it's element right here - a hot, dry place where it can be abused.

Any ideas what it is?

I'm back!

Hard to believe it's been 5 years since I was last on this blog. I had to stop blogging for a bit due to some life things (everyone's got them). Then I lost access to my blog account for a bit. But I finally wrestled back access, and plan to do a few updates of my garden (since I also managed to wrestle it back as well ;)

Here are a few pictures to tide you over.
Spring always seems to look so fresh:

Cleaned up my patio:
Cleaned my other patio:
           (seriously, you would not have known there was a patio here under all the weeds!)

 Cleaned up my gazebo:
                                      (All that pathway and brick was buried in weeds)

 It's been great to get my garden back!