Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Done Planting!

Well, it seems to have taken forever, but I managed to get the last of my bulbs planted today. I went lazy and planted larger bunches in cardboard boxes rather than a few bulbs each in a gazillion plastic pots. I'll let you know how this works next spring. I figure that the bulbs will be easier to get at since I can just tear the cardboard away -- or even just plant the cardboard with the bulbs!

And, I managed to get my garlic planted too!

In the process of cleaning my garden for fall, which I almost never do, I even found some plants still in the pots that I bought them in. Oops! Now I have no idea where to plant them. Perhaps they can tough it out in the pots over winter.

I finally laid out my blackberry bed. Hopefully I will get some blackberries next year! The raspberries I planted out in nearly frozen ground last year did just fine and even gave us fruit this year!

I think my blueberry plants may be a lost cause. Oh, well. I can always try again next year. Besides, I plan on planting a ton of blueberries eventually. They are my favorite fruit. Then blackberries, then mangoes. Too, bad I can't grow mangoes.

I still have to pack up all my gardening supplies for a few months. I've been so busy this year, I am really looking forward to a little snowy respite.