Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Computer Down!

My computer went kaplooey, and all my garden photos were on it! I'm pretty sure that I should be able to retrieve them, but right now, I can't get to them to do any decent garden posts.

I haven't been getting much gardening done lately anyway. I have been traveling. I spent one weekend in Grand Marais, MN. It is a fantastic place to explore and eat out! We save tons of money camping instead of staying at a hotel, so we have plenty of money to splurge at gourmet restaurants. Plus, we do so much walking/hiking during the day that we easily burn off all those extra calories!

Last weekend we went to my brother's and then my sister's. It had been a while since I had seen them. When I showed up at my brother's he was finishing up some new landscaping around his house. When he moved to the house, the shrub beds were weedy and over-grown. He has done a wonderful job of turning all that around. He's even put in a flower bed with a few native species. Good for him!

When I got to my sister's she told me that when they re-did the road next to her property, they made it so that all the water drained onto her property! It gets really soggy in the spring and every time it rains. So, she asked me if I would help her design a rain garden. Of course!! So, I will be taking off one weekend this fall to go back to her house to start her garden. I knew the day would come when my yard would become too small to hold me!

And this has really got me thinking...
I have been approached by many people over the years for garden advice/help. Especially recently, even strangers have come up to me in my yard to ask if I am a professional garden designer and ask me if I have thought about doing it for other people. Maybe I should! I think that I could probably afford some time to do a couple each season. I really am going to think about it because it would mean that I could try out even more of the ideas that are swimming in my head!