Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's A Brand New Year

I can't believe that it is already 2010! Two more years before the end of the world, you know; and only two more months before the new growing season. So I'd better get going on all these unfinished projects!

I haven't even ordered my seeds for the up-coming season. Luckily I have leftovers from seasons' past, and the seeds have hit the shelves in all the big local stores. You would be so proud of me! I looked for a whole fifteen minutes and didn't buy even one packet! I didn't have my seed-need list, and didn't want to end up with even more of what I already have.

It's been a very busy time for me. Right before Thanksgiving I was asked by a past employer to interim for a position that had suddenly gone vacant. I knew that this was going to happen since a good friend of mine had held the position and had told me he was moving suddenly out of state to be with his girlfriend who had gone to grad school. I accepted the interim position and have been working my full-time business manager job during the day and serving as library supervisor at night (as well as running around trying to find renters for two vacant apartments!!).

Well, of course the job was open, and they really wanted me to take it. In fact I had been offered the position two years ago, but ended up turning it down due to some major commitments I had made at my current job (switching wholesalers and getting Medicare accreditation); among other things going on in my life). But I wasn't going to turn it down twice. I've worked there on and off since 2001 and love all the people. So, I will be switching jobs soon. I go in on Tuesday to take care of the paperwork. I already do the job so there's not much in the way of training to take care of. So, yay for me! This new job will leave my mornings free for gardening which suits me just fine!