Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Finally Happening

I like my garden this year. I have done a lot of good moving around and everything has really been coming together.

The gazebo area is coming along nicely. We leveled out all the feet and made planting beds at the base of each leg. In five of these we planted the clematis we bought earlier this year. The clematis are doing really well so far. I can't wait to see them next year!

I had one Stargazer lily in my garden. It looked very lonely all by itself, so I bought a bag of them this spring and planted them. Now it is a much happier looking area. And they smell nice!

I have been trying out different ideas for all that brick that I got last year and I have been really liking this use. I need something to hold the berm back, and it really looks snazzy.

And when it all comes together, it's a beautiful thing.


Jane O' said...

Very impressive. I like the Stargazer grouped together like that. I always like to buy in multiples. It's too long of a wait for them to multiply.
Isn't it satisfying to see all of your hard work pan out?

Lisa Blair said...

I like how you've grouped the sunflowers, echinacea, rudbeckia, and russian sage. Very pretty. Your bricks are working really well here. You can really show 'em off like that!

Sylvana said...

Marie, welcome to my blog!

I don't usually get multiples. I'm a cheap gardener. But this year, I was doing a lot of multiples because I wanted to speed things along a bit for a party that I was planning for this fall - that will have to now wait until next spring anyway.

Lisa, I don't do a lot of formal planning with my garden. Sometimes I get an idea in my head of what I want for a space and then I buy the plants, but most of the time I buy the plants I want and carry them around the garden until I am struck with an idea. This grouping was of the latter.

kris said...

A beautiful thing, indeed! Love the gazebo area - and the group of stargazers. The purple coneflower and brown-eyed susans are some of my favorites. Very nice!

Lynn said...

Sylvana I like how the beds form a natural path.

It sure has grown!!! You've been really busy. You must be an obsessive gardener or something ;)

It's looking really nice.

Diana LaMarre said...

It is looking great.

I really like those big brown glazed pots.

I can just imagine how that gazebo will look with clematis growing up each leg. It will be a vision of beauty!

Sylvana said...

Kris, the really nice about the coneflower and rudbeckia is that it is native here! Really easy to grow.

Primrozie, I have been going back and forth about the paths. I originally left the grass when I made the beds, but it was too hard to keep under control. So I mulched it all with mini-woodchips. Which was nice, but they would hurt my barefeet. So I was thinking about going all sand -expensive. Then the bricks came along and I thought I might like that, but right back to expensive sand. So I took them all out, for now, and am trying out natural again. I think I might like that best too.

Zoey, I love those pots too. They were quite a baragin at Sams Club - $45 for the 4 pot set. Can't beat that!

The clematis is already making quite a go of it. I think next year they will look spectacular.

Matron said...

What a wonderful garden! I covet your gazebo! If it was mine I would grow climbing beans and climbing passionfruit vines all over it !

Sylvana said...

Matron welcome to my blog!
I actually would LOVE to grow passionfuit, but it won't grow here.

Lynn said...

That gazebo really would be a feature in a veggie garden!! Great idea Matron. Children's gardens often feature a large TP of beans which forms a hide-away!

Unknown said...

Oooh... I like your garden, too! I especially like the way you work those lovely pots into the landscape--there's a trick about that to make them look like they belong, and you have mastered it. (I am working on it still!)

I can't wait until the year comes when I look around and can say the same about mine. Right now I just like parts, not the whole garden... you can guess which parts by what I actually show on the blog. lol.

She-Ra said...

Wow - great garden! I am new to your blog... I found it by searching for Italian Chicken soup of all things. I used your recipe from the 10/31/06 entry ( and it was absolutely scrumptious! I have bookmarked your site so I can stop by from time to time.

Sylvana said...

Primrosie, I think that the clematis will give a similar effect, and I don't have to replant every year!

BlackSwamp Girl, I have always been told in my art classes that I have a good eye for composition. It's hard to make things balanced and haphazard all at the same time. The trick is thinking about positive and negative space equally.

She-ra, welcome to my blog! I LOVE to hear about people trying my ideas and having success - especially my cooking! I love to cook and I love to cook for people. So thanks! You made my day!

this said...

It is so beautiful....totally inspired by your garden.

Sylvana said...

BlueBlue, welcome to my blog!
You are making me blush!
I can't wait to see my garden next year!