Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teak, Wicker, & More Inital Review

The table from came very quickly. I got it last Thursday; a mere 9 days after I was told that it was ordered for shipping. The industry standard for this type of product is 7-10 business days, so this arrived on an average schedule. The box was a little banged up, but the product did not appear to have suffered too much from it (see below).

The item was just as they had described on their site. I appreciate that greatly, especially with an online shop since you don't get a chance to "kick the tires" before purchasing.

Of course it was "some assembly required". I don't have a problem with that at all since I am quite comfortable with tools, and had all the right tools for the job. I used a ratchet set; you could get by with a Vicegrip or some other adjustable wrench.

It was little banged up (possibly from the shipping), but all on the under-carriage. I sprayed the back of the table with a little black Rustoleum that I always keep on hand for my garden accessories. The back of the table is made of what looks like non-treated plywood, but I don't see that as a problem since it is protected from weather by being on the underside. There was a little stray caulking set into the sealant that they use to coat the table top, but it wasn't that noticeable, and if it doesn't bother me -- Miss Obsessive-Compulsive -- most people probably wouldn't even notice. It is hidden well by the natural texture of the slate.

I didn't even need instructions this was so self explanatory. The cap nuts and bolts were attached to the table parts which made it really easy to inspect for any that might be missing -- they were all there - Yay!! It also makes it very clear how everything is intended to go together, and saves you from having to dig out some small baggy from the packaging box and trying to keep track of them all.

The table top took a little finagling to get all the bolts (which were attached to the underside of the table) into the holes into the top of the table legs. You might want a second person for this since the top is HEAVY!

It is the perfect table for this spot. The table appears to be sturdy and was tall enough for my regular sized chairs. The size can accommodate 4 people for just drinks, 3 people with light snacks, or 2 people for dinner.

The look of the table with its natural slate top and black iron frame goes with just about anything. I especially liked that the legs were scooped, matching well with the feminine style of my other garden accessories. The slate was a beautiful mix of earthtones and I really like the particular pattern that they installed it on the top. It is reminiscent of a spiral, which is perfect for my garden!

If I had found this table while on my recent store searches for a table for this area, I would have snapped this one up -- even at the $86.99 price tag! And they offer FREE SHIPPING on this! Wow!

My initial recommendation: I would suggest checking out Teak, Wicker & More. I know that I will be surfing their site for other wishlist items! Good deals on high quality, stylish items with accurate descriptions. Can't beat that.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It's a very nice table and looks perfect in the gazebo. The whole area is beautiful, I love the plantings!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Thanks for posting such a thorough review. I'm always looking for good places to shop online so I'll definitely check this one out. The table looks really lovely where you put it - the gazebo area is gorgeous! -Jackie

Sylvana said...

Gardener Progress, thanks. Since I got this table and can now actually use this area, it my favorite spot in the garden.

Ellie Mae's Cottage, I loved this table so much, I have been considering getting a matching one for this area to have others over for dinner. If I do I will post how the service of an actual paying customer goes!

Ellen said...

I need some outdoor things like that. Thanks for the great review. I'll go check them out.

Sylvana said...

Ellen, I have enjoyed my garden space so much more since getting this table; I can't wait to make more usable spaces!

beth said...

Nice blog with a nice video of green bees. Enjoyed it very much. Keep it up the good work.

Sylvana said...

Beth, we're keeping an eye on those bees. They are somewhat shy, but so pretty!