Monday, July 06, 2009

New Inhabitants of Sylvana's Garden


Elizabeth said...

Those are definitely interesting. I found them in my Audobon Feild Guide to NA Insects and Spiders. They are called Virescent Green Metallic Bees.
I should keep this guide in my Garden shed not the Living room. Paging through now I see that the *interesting* bug I saw the other day on my pumpkins was a Squash Vine Borer!
Thanks for the interesting blog.

Diana LaMarre said...

Neat video, Sylvanna. I don't recall ever seeing green bees before.

Sylvana said...

Elizabeth, Audubon are very nice books. I have had trouble finding a good insect guide. Maybe I'll look into that one.

Zoey, this is the first time I ever saw one this big. We have had the tiny metallic green sweat bees for years. The ones in this video, from what I understand, are in the sweat bee group - but they are nearly the size of a honey bee!

B said...

How interesting!

We had a fun time with this last year. We had bald-faced hornets eating a layer off our our shed doors! So pretty.

Mike McDermott said...

What a fun video. I was engaged not only waiting for those little buggers to come out of the hole, but with the excitement that you guys had. Thanks for sharing!

Sylvana said...

Tam, those are pretty! I had another new inhabitant to my garden which was way too shy for me to get a picture. I was walking through the garden and heard what sounded like someone noisily eating chips. I followed the noise to a campion and saw a black and white bee-ish insect de-fuzzing the underside of the leaves. It would fly off with the big bundle of fuzz and come back for more. It was very aware of the camera and would constantly move to the opposite side of the leaf while I was trying to tape it. But if I put down the camera, it would let me watch. It looked similar to your bald-face hornet, but I believe that it was fuzzy like a bee. Really neat.

Mike McDermott, we found these while we were packing up the car to leave for the weekend. I was checking on some plants before we left and their bright, metallic green caught my eye. They seemed shy, but curious. It was a lot of fun waiting for that one to land!