Friday, August 12, 2005

"Candy, Candy, Candy! I Can't Let You Go!"

I started these from seed when I first started my main garden in 1998. These are candy lilies. So far this year all the ones that have come up are this same pink variety, but they do come in other colors like yellow and orange. I think I have a gardien angel (get it?) because these pink flowers fit right in with all the other pink flowers that I grow. I love them.

The foliage on these plants is great. It looks just like iris. This helps add a little extra interest in your garden.

They were very easy to grow from seed and have self sowed themselves easily, but definitely not invasively. Some years they just break even. This year they had resowed exactly the amount that they had last year, but the whole lot of them moved over about three feet and they are doing tremendously better! I can't believe three feet would make such a difference. And more intriguing, how did they move themselves?

But really, I try not to over think those things. I'm afraid that I might break the magic.


jac said...

Is it also called candytuft ?

Sylvana said...

No, they are a different kind of flower.
These are a cross between a Chinese plant in the iris family and a Chinese plant in the lily family.

Susan Harris said...

Hi, Sylvana. Yes, you must have a guardien angel because they're gorgeous.
I've just found your fabulous site and I'm pursuing it carefully. I've been looking for general gardening books to recommend to beginners. Do you think the two you list are appropriate for them?
Also, I think there's a growing community of folks who love the Daily Show; it's a kind of shorthand for attitudes and a kind of sense of humor, don't ya think? I'm one of those much-written-about viewers who only watch TV "news" on his show. I read the Wash Post, NY Times and 3 political blogs, but can't watch TV news without feeling cranky about them, so I don't.
I'll be following your terrific garden on line. Susan

OldRoses said...

So what is your secret for getting the seeds to germinate. I tried planting something similar this year but the seeds didn't germinate.

crazygramma said...

Those are wonderful.

Sylvana said...

Takoma Gardener, I would recommend the Complete Garden Guide. It covers just about everything and it is easy to skip around to get to the subject that you need at any time. I think it is easy to read and easy to follow. It has a fantastic index of plants in the back too! It's my favorite garden book.

OldRoses, I'm not sure. They just re-seed themselves now. When I started them, I might have nicked the seed coating and I definitely kept them moist. Miracle Grow. Ah! I can't remember!

Crazygramma, I love them. I like it better when there are more colors, but I will take these no problem!