Monday, August 15, 2005

Dear Ms Smarty Pants

It is that time of year. The time of year that I was promised would produce my favorite lily in the whole wide world- Mr. Ed. You remember -The mashed potato lilies. Whenever I see them they remind me of one of my favorite food, a heaping serving of steaming, buttered & peppered mashed potatoes!! Oh, YUM!!

I went to the catalog that had sent me the email about having these lilies in the fall. No luck. I'm getting impatient. I Googled it and saw that Thompson & Morgan had them. Well, ALL RIGHT! So I click on it. The page comes up and sure enough, the name is Mr. Ed, but that ain't no Mr. Ed in the picture. UGH!!!

I decided that they should know about their mistake so that another obsessive Mr. Ed hunter isn't as disappointed as I was. I sent them the following email:

I just wanted to contact you about the picture that you have in your online catalog listed as Mr. Ed lilies. Mr. Ed lilies are pure white with a little peppering of speckles. The ones you have here are most likely the pink version- Mr. Sam. Thank you, Sylvana Gardener

And they emailed me back:

Dear Ms Gardener

Thank you for your enquiry.

Thank you also for your observation, it would appear we have incorrectly referenced our lily collection. We would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we will be taking the apporpriate action to correct this error.

Kind regards
Janet Challis

Technical Customer Care Advisor,Thompson & Morgan

Yeah, I am enjoying patting myself on the back right now; but that doesn't get me any closer to getting those Mr. Ed lilies. Humph! I may lose a few battles, but I will win the war!


crazygramma said...

Gee one would think after you showed them the error of their ways they would give you a free Mr. ED.

jac said...

You will get away with anything as you have gotten away unscathed calling me a cheeky punk, more or less like the heroine in the movie 'Kill Bill'
Yes, you will win the war.

Sylvana said...

Crazygramma, that is exactly what I was thinking!!

Jac, great movie. Enjoyed it immensely.