Wednesday, August 10, 2005

End of Summer Slump

Yeah, I have fallen victim to the August gardening slump. I have not done any gardening since the grandparents visited. I haven't even mowed the lawn in over a week! It could have been the really hot weather. It could have been the stress of trying to find a new job for when my position is terminated at the end of this month. It could be that we had a lot of family visits to take care of this month. Or it could be that I just have those end of summer blahs.

Eh. Whatever it is, the weather isn't helping much now either. I tried to go out to get some garden/yard chores done yesterday. As usual, as soon as I got all the equipment out and started the job, the black storm clouds came galloping in to piss on my parade! Dammit!

Well, maybe today. It is looking really nice. But today and the rest of the week I am working full days, so it isn't looking too good either. I do also have quite a bit of paperwork to catch up on. Ugh! I feel so, so...overwhelmed!

I just need to take a deep breath and put it in perspective. Make a list and start getting the things done. If I can just start doing something then there will be less and less to do, and eventually, it won't look so bad anymore.

Right. All right then. What needs to be done? Weeding.
***hyper ventilating!!!!!***

OK. That was a bad thing to start with. Let's try again.

Mow the borders so that if I have to, I can let my son do the rest.
*wait for panic---none*. Whew! Now that wasn't so hard!

I could also finish fertilizing since it is supposed to storm the next three days and I never finished the last time. Yeah, I could do that.

I need to stain the legs of the bar that I just built. But you know, that's not killing anyone right now. It can wait.

Fantastic! Procrastina-- uh, I mean, prioritizing is a great way to break down some of that To Do Mountain. I like to have a written list, that way I can look back at all that I have accomplished. I also like to write myself "way to go!" notes to help keep my momentum going. And if I do exceptionally well, I will treat myself to something nice- usually food related-- and then, usually chocolate related. YUMMY!!

Chocolate Mountain, here I come!


Sandy said...

And we breathe in and then we breathe then out....

Kasmira said...

I've got lots to plant, but I'm forcing myself to wait until September and cooler temperatures. In the meantime, all there is to do is water, weed, prune (don't care if it kills the honeysuckle bushes), and mow. Oh, and I'm considering rototillering a patch of lawn for an island bed next spring.

I know it's hot, but doesn't it feel good to get outside and work up an honest sweat? (I guess a "dishonest" sweat is the one you get doing something non-active, like driving in a car with no a/c.)

The real frenzy starts in a month...sales and planting!

Sylvana said...

Sandy, exactly. My boss has a little thing stuck to her computer that says "Breathe" because she says that she forgets sometimes.

Kasmira, why do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Right? It seems that people who have way to much to do are the kinds of people who are constantly finding new work for themselves. Do I do it to myself? I wonder.

Sandy said...

I hate stress so I try not to over book myself. I have no problem saying "NO" to people. I have a job where I pick my own hours (I hate schedules). I am selfish and spoiled. Oh well!

crazygramma said...

I hear you I am quite overwhelmed this month. I booked a me week in the middle of September and plan on doing a fall cleaning and get back to sewing the quilts for my granddaughters.

Beer and chocolate will be my friend for that week.

OldRoses said...

It's just been too darn hot here in NJ to do much gardening. Luckily, it has also been dry so the lawn doesn't need mowing and the weeds aren't too bad.

Sylvana said...

Sandy, that's exactly what I am lookin g for, too.

Crazygramma, I need a me week, but I owe, I owe, so off to work I go. I'll just have to squeeze some me time in here and there.

OldRoses, I'm not sure what kind of grass we have in our yard, but that stuff is not slowed down much in the heat.

jac said...

You have an organized garden...kudos.

Sylvana said...

Jac, now you know my flower secret.

jac said...

Sure I do now :)