Friday, August 26, 2005

Still in the Blahs

I am still suffering from the garden blahs, even though my garden is looking pretty good right now- especially after I mowed and weeded some. It is raining really good today, so tomorrow will be a great day to do some more weeding. I try to do my weeding after a rain because it loosens the soil and makes the weeds come up WAY EASIER!

My echinacea and rudbeckia are still blooming strongly. The candy lilies and liatris are waning. The sunflowers have heads at various stages and my garden is FULL of goldfinches! My neighbors are so jealous.

I have yet to find Mr. Ed lilies anywhere, and I am getting quite frustrated about it. I'll have to check back through my emails and send another note to the company that said that they would have them this fall. I think they may be LIARS!! I wonder if I could order them from New Zealand, or if that would never pass customs. It probably would be way more expensive than I would be willing to pay for them anyway.

I am working on some new zucchini recipes for you. I plan on having two up this weekend. I made some veggie lasagna the other day that even my husband liked! That is really something since he is not a big cooked veggie fan. He even ate- LEFTOVERS!! He RARELY eats leftovers. So I guess that lasagna must have been really good. Or he has done something terribly wrong and is trying to distract me from finding out. Hmmm...


Sandy said...

I have the abit of the garden blahs too. Once school starts though I'm sure I'll get into it again. I have big plans!

OldRoses said...

RAIN! Send rain! It's finally cool enough here to work in the garden, but it is so dry I can't dig or transplant.

jac said...

Yes weeding after the rain...that is what I do too.
Syl ! I think your husband has something in his mind, he is trying to pamper you by eating things he hasn't eaten with relish. No pun intended.