Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Greenland Tulips

These are SSBs favorite tulip and they are certainly one of mine. I have to get these out of the shadow of the burning bush this year though because I don't think they are doing very well there. And I definitely have to find more of these to plant this fall.


OldRoses said...

I was so tempted to order these for my Green Garden. There are just so many green tulips to choose from. I ordered Super Parrot Tulips and Deirdre Tulips instead. I've never had parrot or lily tulips before. I can't wait.

Sylvana said...

These tulips are more pink than green, but they are REALY beutiful when they are really strong. The ones in this picture a suffering a little from too little sun. But they are still pretty in a delicate sort of way.

By the way- Parrot tulips ROCK! My husband really likes the lily tulips.